First Post! Welcome Friends.

Weeeelllll hi!

Welcome to my site!

My name is Alanna. I’m your average goth girl but in a van! Yes, how fucking stereo typical is van life these days, but how many goths do you know that like to camp? Too few, I think. My honest to Satan goal here is to change that.

I am creating this website and online presence to show the world that van life is not just a popular trend. I think there is a strong alternative culture in van life. In fact, it is the original van life. Think of those who were pushing back against the norms and living unconventionally over the last decades, only recently was that trendy. For the most part it was out of necessity. And living rebelliously. Much of that has been lost in the trends and fads of our modern day van life world.

My hope is to show you that you can quietly (or loudly) rebel and that it’s not too late or too trendy to make this life a reality.

My dream for the next year is to figure out how to do that. Full disclosure, I’m currently trapped in the rat race. I work almost full time hours and I go to college in the evenings. I keep asking myself, why? What is my goal with my career and my schooling? While I do love learning and hope to be a lifelong student of all things, my degree isn’t one that will get me a job. And I don’t want a better job. I don’t want to work at a higher level or at a bigger firm. I just want to be me.

We only get, in this body, a very limited amount of time before we face the inevitable… Death. This time has to count. This time has to mean something.

So, while I finish paying down my credit card debt, I’m going to try to take my (already remote) job on the road with me and finish converting our van. I’m going to leash-train our cats so they can travel with us. And I’m going to attempt to live a debt and capitalism-free existence for as long as I can.

If you’ve stumbled upon this rambling stream of consciousness and somehow want to learn more or follow along, I’m @gothinavan on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube (though I haven’t started YT yet). Let’s be friends.



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